Hidden Ink On Paper

Mart Woods Visual artist.
Paintings and illustration.

Martyn(Mart)  Woods was born 1973 and later studied Art & Design in Cardiff UK, finishing with a degree in Illustration.
He followed a commercial career in various creative industries until coming back to the pursuit of art after the Covid pandemic.
Currently a London UK resident.

I have a blind minds eye, therefore for me imagination is a conceptual abyss.
For my visual journey I mainly use a semi representational approach for rendering the subject to give a piece some focus.

I am quite interested in finding a way of expressing the glimpses of memories that my level of aphantasia affords me.

My philosophical questions revolve around the puzzle of existence and how our delicate little lives fit into it all.

If you like what you see, don't be afraid to get in touch.  

Thanks for the visit.
Right now it's easiest to get my attention on Instagram or maybe Threads if you want to reach out.

Mart Woods

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